How the CatPak Pet Carrier Works:
Engineered For Perfection

Transporting your pets is hard without the proper equipment. 

When it comes to cats or anything else other than a dog getting your pet to come with you safely on your trips or to the vet is difficult without the appropriate Pet Carrier.

You want a Pet Carrier that allows you to safely bring along your pet, have it feel comfortable, and secure.

And you don’t want to do it the wrong way, by lugging huge and heavy pet carriers that hurt your back and and that no cat wants to be in. That’s why here at FurrBall.Club WE UNDERSTAND.

We know the frustrations involved when trying to transport your cute little kitten to the vet or to explore the world without using the proper tools.

And that is why we have engineered the CatPak Pet Carrier that way you can EASILY TRANSPORT your cat(s) or other pet(s) anywhere without any issues!

Now how does the CatPak Pet Carrier work?

The CatPak Pet Carrier features a crystal clear dome to allowing your cat(s) or other pet(s) to see the world and for you to see them safe and snuggled a way.

The crystal clear dome is zipped up to the main bag, in which where you pet can exit or enter from.

Not only that on the sides they’re 1 pocket and 1 zip-able door.

In the pocket and zip-able door sides you can place your dual fans to allow the best ventilation and cooling for your beloved little friend.

Your little guy can also enter the CatPak from the side too,

Also, you can expand the back of the CatPak to create a playpen and sleep pad.

And in the middle of the PlayPen tent it also opens allowing your pet to run in and out freely

Plus its super comfortable with its quality back straps and thick padding to allow for a pleasant backpack experience.

Why you will love it!

The CatPak Pet Carrier by FurrBall.Club makes it so easy to bring your cat or pet along anywhere anytime.

You want to go camping next week? Don’t have a sitter? Easily bring your cat with the CatPak Pet Carrier.

Going on a day hike? Don’t want to leave her home? Easily bring her along with the CatPak Pet Carrier.

Going to your mom’s place? Want to bring him along? Easily do that with the CatPak Pet Carrier.

You will love this product because it provides enormous value to your cats and pets, and to the owners too.

It just makes so much easier with the CatPak to transport your little friend and explore the world with.

Why Cats love it!

Cats love secluded spaces where they can hide and feel safe in. And the CatPak Pet Carrier provides exactly that.

An enclosure where they can sleep in, play through, and be transported with. All while feeling safe in.

Not only will you use this while on the road, but also in your living room.

It will instantly become your cat’s favorite spot, whether to chill in, play or sleep.

Why People love it!

Instantly the CatPak will be a hit for you and everyone that see its in person.

It’s a game changer when it comes to bringing your pet onto your favorite trips or to simply just transport them from point A to point B.

The functionality and the features of the CatPak Pet Carrier is what makes it stand out from all our competitors.

Why Pets love it

The CatPak Pet Carrier obviously works well with cats, but how about other pets? Will they just love it the same?

Well, we have tried the CatPak with small dogs, parrots, chinchillas, and even ducks, snakes, rabbits, and they all ENJOYED their time while in the CatPak Pet Carrier.

Its an instant hit with most small to medium size animals. Safely transport and explore the world with your pet.

Yes, I’m ready to try the CatPak Pet Carrier!